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Physiotherapist by vocation, expert in advanced manual therapy and passionate about sports.

More than 10 years dedicated to the maintenance, prevention and rehabilitation of my patients, archieving the
well-being and optimal physical condition of each person who trusts me.

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Tendonitis is an inflammation, irritation, or swelling of a tendon, causing pain around the join to wich it attaches, as well as possible decreased strength and mobility.

Some of the most frequent types of tendinitis are: tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis), Achilles tendinitis (of the Achilles tendon), rotator cuff tendinitis (in the shoulder joint), etc.

Other injuries that also cause inflammation in other structures such as bursas and fascias are, for example, bursitis or plantar fasciitis.

A follow up and treatment adapted o the phase of the injury in which you find yourself will be decisive in accelerating the regeneration and readaptation process.

In addition, and no less important, a qualified physiotherapist will be able to analyze your biomechanics and make it more appropriate in order to help prevent these injuries. They will know how to advise you on the correct technique before, during and after training, as well as the importance of other factors such as hydration and rest.

Muscle sprains, among others, are common soft tissue injuries during sport activities, but other times, it is simple activities of daily living that can cause the injury.

Although the intensity varies depending on the degree of injury pain,edema, and inflammation, are common to all of them.

An adequate treatment at the first hours, can be decisive for its evolution, accelerating the process of healing and regeneration of the affected tissue, guaranteeing a correct recovery.

Returning to normality after surgery is essential for the patient.
That's why, it is important to start the rehabilitation process as soon as possible and activate the mobility of the affected area.

Rehabilitation is divided into different phases and consists of the application of a set of specific techniques and methods to recover a function or activity of the body that has decreased or been lost due to trauma or disease.

The objetives of this rehabilitation are:

  • Reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Avoid adhesions.
  • Recover range of motion.
  • Recover muscle volume
  • Rehabilitation of the injured area

Temporomandibular dysfunction is a problem that affects the complex temporomandibular joint, causing pain and inflammation around it. The muscles in this joint are affected and the pain can spread to other nearby areas.

This condition can be caused by clenching or grinding your teeth (bruxism) and is usually caused by high levels of stress.

An untreated or undiagnosed alteration in this joint could lead to headaches and/or migraines, among other disorders due to muscle tension itself and the adverse effects derived from it.

With an adequate physiotherapy treatment, you will avoid pain and the resulting functional disability.

Back pain, related or not to pathologies of vertebral origin such as herniated or protruded discs, is one of the most common dysfunctions in society and its origin is usually multifactorial. Heading the list we find stress, as well as bad postural hygiene habits, a sedentary lifestyle, obesity and/or degenerative diseases, among others.

These factors can trigger or contribute to the appearance of protrusions and/or hernias, due to tissue, cellular and molecular degeneration of the intervertebral disc , wich changes its morphology and physiology, therefore decreasing its function, or what is the same, its ability to withstand compression loads.

This disc alteration can also give rise to other pathologies due to nerve compression, such as sciatica.

Physiotherapy helps a lot to reduce the symptoms generated by both pathologies. Working on one hand analgesia through manual therapy and, on the other the readaptation to the physiological mechanical load through exercises and body awareness.


Always adapted to the patient and focused on the best and fastest recovery



Sonia Yáñez

Physiotherapist (Col. 9376)

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